Seaford Porcelain Patio
Polegate back garden
Contemporary Garden Design & Construction.
Upright Sleepers.
Soil retention.
Rendered block wall and seating.
Trellised Pergola.
Stepped Decking.
Horizontal Fencing.
St Leonards Terraced Decks
Garden Design and construction. Sloping garden landscaping solution. Terraced decking. Decking bridge over pond.
Hastings Zen Garden
Oriental garden.
Zen garden.
Zen raking gravel.
Granite Feature Stones
Zen garden wall with tiled roof.
Sandstone patio. Limestone edging.
Battle Large Back Garden
Eastbourne Small Courtyard
Harbourne Back Garden
Brick edged circular lawn.
Eastbourne Beach Garden
Garden outhouse.
Stone Cross Back Garden
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