Dan will be happy to come and see you for a garden design consultation.

After a discussion about what you want for your new garden, he will conduct a survey, taking measurement and notes - Cost £50

Dan will be able to make a full colour, to scale, 2D preliminary design for you which you will be able to discuss and change - Cost £250

Once you are happy with the design, Dan will go ahead and make a 3D SketchUp design of your garden which you will be able to move and explore on your computer. The design will also be presented in a printable version, laminated in book form A3 size. Cost from £500

This A3 book will contain details of materials, dimensions and construction notes for the landscapers.

Dan currently has 3 landscaping companies to whom he gives his garden designs to visit you with and work out a construction quote for you or you may wish to use other landscapers.


This is an opportunity to meet, having previously discussed your requirements on the phone. You need to have spent some time thinking about your brief and be prepared to convey your needs as fully as you can. Allow a good hour or maybe two for an in depth conversation with Dan in your garden, establishing a detailed design brief that is achievable within your budget. Good communication is essential, both for the initial exchange of ideas and throughout the design process, and will ensure the final result is the one you had hoped for. A good garden designer should have the visual and spatial skills to effectively interpret your requirements. The costs involved in the full design process will be established during this meeting and will range from £300 to £1000, based on the size and complexity of the assignment. Dan will be looking for ideas to match the budget you specify, so you need to be clear about what you can afford. If you under-estimate, it could restrict the initial creative concept, If you over-estimate you could be disappointed if the design has to be scaled down or re-worked in line with your budget.

There will be a charge of £50 for this consultation in which Dan will carry out a detailed survey of the site and produce an agreement in order to continue with the design process.


Having established what you desire for your garden and surveyed the site, Dan will then return to his studio to think hard and get creative, eventually producing a small sketched design drawing. He may also find  images and/or samples to further help you imagine his interpretation of the brief.  He will then contact you to arrange a second meeting.


Dan will present to you the preliminary design he has formulated and describe it to you in some detail. You can then point out parts you may be unsure about, anything you dislike and may wish to change. Now is the time to discuss design changes so that the perfect design solution can be established. Once you are happy, Dan will then be ready to proceed to the next stage. 


Dan will then work on your full colour garden design. This drawing will fully detail the layout of your new garden. Materials will be specified on this drawing along with a basic planting plan. Construction details and instruction can also be provided. The cost of this work will have been established during your previous meetings and is based on the size and complexity of the assignment.


Dan Arthur Griffiths works closely with local landscaping companies and helps his clients get in touch with reliable quality landscapers for quotations to carry out construction of the the garden designs he provides. It is important to know  that good landscapers and quality specialists are in high demand and can be booked up for months, so you may need to exercise patience before your project can start. Dan will be eager to maintain hands on involvement with the development of your new garden so will offer his landscaping skills and may even ask to join the construction team because making sure the concept works, solving problems that may arise and knowing you are happy is a very important and rewarding part of his design service.

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